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    Question Odor in basement room

    I have a rental property that has a musty almost STINKY odor in one of the basement rooms. It was just brought to my attention when the last tenants moved out ( they had been there 4 yrs so who knows how long this has been happening ) ......
    Our first thought was that they carpet was soiled in some way perhaps by a cat. We had a contractor pull up the carpet but he says the smell is not in the carpet. We are going to let the concrete floor air out for a day or two and see if the smell is still there. If it is, I have NO IDEA what direction to go in next. Could a dead animal be in the walls ? But then the walls must be concrete if in basement, right ? I just have no idea what to do. Anyone ever been in this predictament and / or have any suggestions ? The new tenants won't let their children sleep downstairs until we rectify this. Help !!

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    A partially blocked sewer drain is the best guess I can come up with.

    If sewerage is backing up in the main drains, you'll get that characteristic lingering odor.

    Try finding a sewer cleanout opening near where the sewer lines enter and go thru the foundation & open it; connect a garden hose to the nearest faucet & run the water full blast for 5 minutes to see if there is any improvement.

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    Default Re: Odor in basement room

    I'm thinking the same way, plus: check the sewer line cleanout cap. If it's ineffective, replace it.

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    Just like in what I've posted earlier in another subforum of TOH, try using charcoal. It is a tried-and-true odor removal technique that can be used to deodorize any powerful chemical odor.

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