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    Default How to shut ridge vents for power vent

    I have a 1.5 story house and just had an attic fan installed by a reputable contractor in the area. Right after they finished with the installation they told me they weren't able to close of the ridge vents because there isn't any inside access to the top of the attic (which is true, the attic surrounds the top floor on both sides). After doing some research I've found that having an open ridge vent is generally a bad idea when you have an attic fan running. Plus I've confirmed what I expected, the side of the attic it is installed on is cooled, and I assume the upper segment is as well, but the opposite side is pretty much hot as ever.

    In this situation, is there any way to seal off these vents so the fan draws air from the soffits on the opposite side of the house (all three segments have draft vents between them).

    Thanks in advance for helping out.
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    Default Re: How to shut ridge vents for power vent

    Did your "reputable" contractor forget their ladders that day? Why not take off the ridge vent from the outside? (i.e. the reverse order of how they're installed). Take off the ridge vent, seal up the hole and reshingle the ridge.

    Better yet, why not get rid of the attic fan and leave the ridge vent in place.

    I assume the point of this attic fan was to cool down the attic space in the hopes that it would lead to a cooler living space. However, unless you have completely sealed the ceiling/wall separating the attic from the living space, the powered fan can pull the conditioned air from the room into the attic. If you already have the ceiling/wall sealed and properly insulated, adding the fan doesn't provide much benefit.

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    Default Re: How to shut ridge vents for power vent

    The only problem with elminating the ridge vents is that you'll lose most of your passive ventilation which helps with moisture issues the other 9 months out of the year.

    The other question is, do you have adequate soffit vents. Roof vents are useless wihtout soffit vents to supply cool air into the attic.

    This is why I chose ot instead of cut holes in my 90 y/o soffits and roof (it had no venting) I spray foamed the underside of the roof deck for about 30% more than adding ridge vents and soffit vents would have cost. The result, my attic never gets above 90F even when it's 96 outside and sun beating down on the roof. Before about 1PM, it's within 5F of hte inside house temperature. Actually in hte morning it's sometimes cooler than it is inside the house. I actually need ot remove the existing attic insulation in the floor so the temps are more even in the winter.
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