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    Unhappy LEDs and Lumens

    I have a light fixture that takes three 50W base GU10 halogen bulbs. On Ask TOH xenon (I think) bulbs were mentioned to replace the halogen using less electricity and burning cooler. LED were said to be cooler yet. I can't find any LEDs on line or in stores that come close to having even half the lumens of either the halogen or xenon bulbs. Does the technology really exist for this? If so, where can I find the bulbs.

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    Default Re: LEDs and Lumens

    Professor, welcome to TOH !

    LED's produce about 28 to 68 lumens per watt and have up to 50,000 hrs life. But are about $30 each and some are not dimmable.

    Halogen's produce about 12 lumens/W , last 4,000 hrs, are dimmable and cost about $4.17 each.

    A new GU10 120V Xenon lamp ($4.90) lasts 5,000 hrs, and is dimmable. No lumen output or wattage is listed but we could expect about 34 lumens/W.

    The GU10 based fixture is hard to relamp and if a halogen lamp is mounted 20 ft in the air should be controlled by a dimmer to extend the lamp life.

    If the Xenon lamp lives up to expectations it will be very much in demand. Hope this helps.

    Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
    Maurice Turgeon,

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