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    Default My Cabinets are sagging

    My base cabinets are 25 years old and in good condition except that they are sagging in the centers.
    I have these gaps between the counter top and the cabinet face.
    And there is no sag in the back, but the cabinet bottom tilts forward.
    How can I prop or stabilize the cabinets, replacing them would be a nightmare.
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    Default Re: My Cabinets are sagging

    is there a toe kick under them or is it an open space. if its open the weight is causing them to sag,

    if there is a toe kick in place remove it and set some blocks in the middle then shim them up so they are straight again. reinstall the toe kick and put down a peice of quarter round if there is a gap now created
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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    Default Re: My Cabinets are sagging

    Many base cabinets support the face frame through attaching it to the cabinet floor surface which sags or delaminates over time. You may also find the face frame wasn't well attached from the start. If the cabinet floor is sound you can attach blocking behind the stiles in between the doors after raising it back to straight; a helper with a lever makes this straightforward and easy. Some ingenuity will work doing this solo. If there are no center stiles you can add them. I usually find this situation at the sink base, where water has done it's damaging deed over the years. You may be able to layer another cabinet floor over what's there then block the stiles, or it may be so bad that you have to remove the cabinet and rebuild or replace it. Also take a close look at the floor itself- if it sagged the cabinets followed it, and that is where the fix needs to go.

    If the floor is good but most of the cabinets aren't, the best DIY approach is all new cabinets since most homeowners won't have the skills or tools needed to rebuild what's there. Installing base cabinets isn't beginner stuff, but as long as you can replace with standard sized units, it's not too tough to do for the advanced DIY'er.

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    Smile Re: My Cabinets are sagging

    Thank you both,

    I wasn't sure I could or should remove the toe kick.
    will be giving it a try and also working on the stiles.

    Thankfully the floor is not a problem - concrete slab.

    Again Thanks

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