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    We have a large patch of lawn overgrown with buttercups and another thick runner producing weed. after a heavy rain, you can hear the water trickling underground. We have attempted to eradicate the weeds by pulling them - there are too many, they are too fast for us! We have tried smothering and digging out. I am concerned about using weedkillers with a well and the water table being so high in this area. What do you suggest? At least it's green.

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    I would not use herbicides (weedkillers) to treat the weeds. I would just learn to live with it, mow it reguarily and "let it be". And like you said, "at least it's green", not an eye sore.

    Unless you are selling the house, the patch is spoiling the sale and you don't care about the environment.

    But before you apply chemicals, remember that "what goes around, comes around". People have been using chemicals to kill weed for many years and look what it got us: more cancer. AND there is still weed. You know, NATURE hasn't lost yet and it will never lose.

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    There are a few things you can do.

    Firstly, treat the area with a weed torch. You DO NOT burn weeds into oblivion, all this does is remove the greenery from the surface, leaving the roots to spring back immediately. Instead, you want to singe or scald the greenery, wounding it. By wounding it, it will basically bleed to death.

    Propane weed torches come in all kinds of sizes and shapes, and range from $25 to several hundred. I bought mine from Harbor Freight after doing some research as to what makes a good torch, features, etc. Normally I'm not a proponent of Harbor Freight products, but this torch looked to be something that was safe and durable.

    Once you get the weeds under control, lightly scuff the surface with a rake, and lay sod over it. Sod will act as a blanket and smother new weeds from popping up and seed from germinating.
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