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    Default decorative cap on screw on toilet

    Does the cap covering the screw on the toilet flang prevent the screw from coming loose. What can I do to prevent the screw from coming loose that holds toilet to floor.

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    Default Re: decorative cap on screw on toilet

    The cap is purely decorative.

    If your toilet is coming loose, then there is movement of the toilet itself, which is not a good thing. It could be that the floor is flexing, the flange under the toilet is not secure, or that the wax ring isn't fully squished when the nuts are first tightened.

    I recommend pulling the toilet and make sure the flange in the floor is secure and that the floor is sound. Reset the toilet with a new set of hold down bolts and wax ring. When you set the toilet, gently jostle it back and forth until it sits fully on the floor, then set your nuts finger tight plus about 1 turn. Lightly jostle toilet again and lightly tighten the nuts until the toilet just stops moving. In 1 to 3 days check for looseness and tighten again if necessary, and that should do the trick.
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    Default Re: decorative cap on screw on toilet

    The cap is there to hide the nut from view and to keep it clean.

    If your nut keeps coming loose, use a locking nut with a built in plastic lock or open end nut. So basically this would be the order, from bottom to top:

    - the bolt extends through the hole in the toilet.
    - large rubber or plastic washer.
    - large metal washer.
    - locking nut.

    Make sure to use solid brass parts. Don't over tighten.

    Enjoy !

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    Default Re: decorative cap on screw on toilet

    I agree with Spruce there is a problem with the toilet moving,this can cause the wax seal to leak. I will also add that the flange could be broken. Check the flange for cracks if it is plastic. Pull and reset the toilet before it causes more water damage.


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