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    Default Water pressure regulator

    The water pressure regulator in my 30 year old town home was replaced about 10-12 years ago. Recently I've noticed a drop in water pressure as well as sometimes "banging pipes" when two or more sources are used at the same time (such as shower and laundry). I have a pressure gauge and the adjustment screw on the regulator does not reduce pressure (ahead of or after the regulator reads 140# with everything closed). Can this be caused by a dirty/clogged filter or screen in the regulator? I hate to spend $100+ for another new regulator if mine can be cleaned or repaired. And it seems wasteful to toss out all that brass in my regulator if there is a simple fix with a spring or screen.

    Many thanks if you can offer suggestions.

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    Default Re: Water pressure regulator

    I would guess you have city water, 140# from a well is awfully high and I would think that much pressure would blow you out of your shower. It sounds like the regulator has failed. It may be possible to get it rebuilt but would probably cost as much as a new one. Probably the diaphragm is punctured, I would guess you'll need to bite the bullet unless you want to tear it apart and fix it yourself.
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