Early in May, had a recommended lawn care professional take a look @ my "disaster" of a front lawn. Last May I had a lush green yard, but it died off during summer drought, and this spring there was nothing but brown dead grass. The lawn pro overseeded the yard and spread starter fertilizer.

Granted we've had cold weather, than a couple of weeks of rain, and than some record breaking heat. During this time very little new grass has appeared. The lawn pro said it takes time but I'm thinking a bag of EZ seed from Scotts would have germinated faster than this expensive process.

Now I have a front yard filled with "grid-like" markings from the seeder and a ton of weeds and nutsedge. Its as if the fertilizer has made the weeds and nutsedge grow even faster.

I'm at my wits end. The lawn pro guaranteed a green lawn. I'm not about to pay since I have more of a mess than I had a month ago (when I just had a brown dead lawn). Any suggestions - aside from getting a new lawn pro?