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    Default First time Old Homeowner

    Recently purchased a renovated (what i consider Victorian) home.

    First time I walked in i was amazed. I dont know what it is about older homes, something in the character i think, and the way they were made that i love.

    there is carpet pretty much everywhere in the house except the dining room, foyer, kitchen and the bathrooms upstairs and down.

    it has a non operable fireplace with a gas insert, but from what i understand, the chimney has been blocked off because it had a hole in it. its still beautiful.

    the hard wood floors in the dinning room/foyer are not original, only laminate. and they are uneven in spots, but they look nice.

    the stairs have carpet but there is hardwood underneath waiting to be refinished.

    I found a lot of things wrong with the place when i moved in.

    water lines had been cut to outside spigot, easily fixed.

    birds get into my attic where the upstairs bath exhaust vent also went (not out the roof) again fixed.

    i pretty much love everything about my new home and I look forward to posting pictures of the projects i wish to complete in the future, like adding wainscoting to my stairway and dining room.

    the walls are all pretty bland, with gray paint. so this place is like one big canvas

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    Default Re: First time Old Homeowner

    Cool post! Thanks for sharing!

    I am also a first time old homeowner. We JUST bought the place... built in 1880. It's been updated, but it has some areas that are sure to be a LOT of work.

    I have started collecting older furniture to keep some of the antique charm of the home. I'm looking forward to seeing what you encounter, and sharing my experiences too.

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