I live in the new England area and am considering an air conditioning system. I currently cool my house in the summer using window air conditioners, one in the bedroom, one in the great room (Kitchem, livingroom and dining room).
They do a good job, but Iím a 65 YOF and dragging them up from the basement and installing them is becoming more and more difficult plus they add a lot of additional moisture to the house, not to mention their old and inefficient. A bit like me!

I am considering either a central air system connected to my existing ductwork (I have a forced air central heat system) or a Split ductless system. My house is 10years old, well insulated, about 1700 square ft, facing west, with bedrooms on the south side of the house. I could use some advice about the ductless system, what would be a reasonable cost for either system (just a ballpark guess), assuming my ductwork is good to go and which system is the most economical to operate over the long term?