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    Default Stairway Wainscoting

    I seem to have encountered an issue and exhausted myself to death thinking about it.

    I want to add frame style wainscoting to my stairway. I read on this site about using a T-Bevel square to find the angle of the stairs, based off the baseboard, and using a level to find the vertical (plumb) angle. which aso gives me the outside angle of the frame.

    now that i have that angle, how do i figure out what angle the cuts need to be for the inside angle to match up. I do not have a protractor.

    the outides will be plumb vertically while the top and bottom will be at the same angle as the stairs going up. I just can't seem to figure out what angle the cuts will be to mate the vertical side of the frame to the top or bottom side of the frame.

    can anyone help?
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