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    Default Building radiator covers

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to follow the guide here,,1582598,00.html
    in order to build my own radiator covers, and though I thought I had a bit of woodwork experience, clearly it wasn't enough as I'm finding things a bit difficult!

    I really want to get a quality finish so have been looking at some other radiator cover websites to get some inspiration e.g and those on (which I really like). The trouble is my one doesn't fit seamlessley to the wall, so doesn't have a very smooth look, which is annoying.

    Any thoughts on how I can resolve this?

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    Default Re: Building radiator covers

    These covers look very attractive to me, and I don't know why you are having troubles with them.

    Why not buy finished and ready to install units, instead of making them yourself, for the perfect professional look?

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    Default Re: Building radiator covers

    I saw a video of Tom Silvia bldg a cover and another contractor from the DIY Network site who has the Kitchen Impossible series. Check out their videos or step by step inx. Diy host uses MFD material. Tom Silvia's video I thought was very good.

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    Default Re: Building radiator covers

    My company BattyBuilt specializes in designing and building custom radiator covers to suit any style, any room. We serve Westchester NY, Manhattan and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut.

    As I'm new to This Old House discussion boards, I can't yet post an active link to my site.

    But if you type into your browser you'll be able to see samples of the work we do.

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