Hopefully they stepped back off the ledge. It actually sounds liek a perfectly sized system. Most Americans are just used ot oversized things. We like big V6's for "reserve" power that 0.1% of the time we might need it but rarely use it. Simila with HVAC. We expect a system to cool off hte hosue in 15 minutes when it's 100F outside. But then wonder why it's damp and clammy when it's only 85F outside.

I still guesssing the fan speed is set a little high and it has an oversized coil so it's not pulling otu a lot of humidity. A unit that's running almost constantly should make 72F feel downright chilly since the humidity should be under 50%.

ur system runs almost constantly much above 90F and 70%+ RH. The humidity in those conditions is normally 38-45% so 76-77F feels pretty comfortable and 75 starts to feel chilly.

But it's also a R22 unit. The newer high effciency R410a units don't dehumidify as well because the evaporator coil surface area is so large. Many owners find they need to keep it cooler than on their old system which reduces their savings.