We hired an HVAC guy who installed it for us. over 3 weeks. here are my Qs:

It took the whole day to bring the inside temperature down to 70 F. The air that comes out is not cold enough and the a/c stops only for 5 min and run none stop for 20 min. the outside temp was 84-89 F. to maintain the temp inside at 72F. our House is 2000 sq ft of split with one high cathedral sealing.

Also the HVAC guy never took a permit out. when we asked at the finishing of the work he said he will get it and give it. can this be done. We went in the attic and saw a very sloppy job--they didnt tie the insulations even to the ducks ( the foil thingys) the attic fan was broken and they were to fix it. NOw they cant do it since they placed the unite just below it and therre is not space.....we really want an inspection done asap but since he did not take the permit out I am not sure how we can get the inspection? please suggest any solution. what is the penality of getting work done without township permit....
Also the come a strange sound when the unit turn on.
Please helppppppppppp