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    Default how to slide in new cedar shingles under existing ones

    What's the best and easiest way to remove the undercourse of cedar shingles from the front of my house? I had to remove several of the lower courses to replace a rotted sill and now need to replace them.I don't want to rip all the shingles off.I want to just slide new shingles under the the present courses.
    I can't find a shingle ripper(aka shingle thief)anywhere.I know that they work by sliding them under the existing course and hooking the nails so that they can be pulled(hammered)out,so replacement shingles can be slid in.

    I tried my sawzall with a long blade but it tends to wander and cut through the face of the shingles from underneath.

    Any advice would be helpful

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    Default Re: how to slide in new cedar shingles under existing ones

    you can use a flatbar and drive it up under to shear the nails off, and to pull off the shingles you want to remove the best method i have found is to use a set of large channel locks, clasp onto the shingle and hit down on them with a hammer, when you strike the channel lock they tighten making them less likely to slip off
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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