Hello everyone, looking for a few ideas. We have an older kitchen, probably redone in the 1950s and it had an older portable dishwasher with a laminate board top. I am installing a new built in dishwasher, planning to tackle the counter top above it next. I wanted to get the dishwasher in first to see what I am up against.

I was hoping to install an end cut butcher block above the dihwasher but the gap I am going to have is 24 3/4" width and 27" depth. A standard butcher block would be 24x25 so i am going to have some gaps. I am going to assume there is going to be some expansion/cotraction as well. And I doubt everything is square, it is a build in place counter top currently there, screwed in from the top. Odds of moving it without damaging it are low in my opinion.

I was thinking about filling the gap wih some thinner wood to help me square up the opening and then a small amount of caulk for expansion/contraction... any other ideas?