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    Default Replacement Storm Window panels ?

    My 1965 house has retro-fitted storm windows - - they are the usual 3 track system with a fixed top half glass panel, and 2 tracks for the bottom half glass and screen panels.

    Some of the panels are missing and I would like to buy replacement ones. A Home Depot guy, who says who used to work in a window shop, says replacements are nor available because they are are basically custom sizes, and every one will be slightly off.

    Is this true or he doesn't know what he's talking about ?


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    Default Re: Replacement Storm Window panels ?

    Hey Brookworld,

    That is kinda correct. Storm windows are a thing of the past and there are only a few companies still making them. Not only will they most likely be custom sized and expensive you will also run a risk of them not working in the track of the originals. For a little more money you could easily get new vinyl replacement windows and not use the storm windows at all. That's what I did and I couldn't be happier.- Gregg Community.Homedepot.com

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    Default Re: Replacement Storm Window panels ?


    I am in the process of replacing my 3-track aluminum storm windows as my double-hung windows are still in great shape. I would not try to get replacement parts, just replace the whole storm window as they are not that expensive, even for custom sizes. Much less than replacement windows because unless you can replace the whole window yourself, installation can run from $100 and up each window.

    I have fairly large windows at 40x63 and the middle of the line Larson Silver storms are only $95 and some change. A full replacement window will start at twice that. Although the new storms are only 2-track I think it is a reasonable replacement and I can do it myself.

    Hope that helps you make a decision!

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    Default Re: Replacement Storm Window panels ?

    I deal with a lot of older homes where one or two storms are damaged and the owner doesn't want to upgrade, only repair, so I've learned a few tricks. One is yard sales- you can find storms and screens aplenty for cheap and you can see them from the road so it's almost like a drive-thru shopping experience. Second is to make friends with siding and replacement window installers who frequently take these out as part of their business. The tough part is finding an exact replacement part; often it easier to fit another whole unit.


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