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    Question Leaking boiler

    I have a Weil Mclain series GV gas fired boiler that has started leaking a small amount of water from the exhaust piping. The water is not coming from the pressure relief valve. Although there is a plastic tube to drain the water there has never been any in the past. The water only seems to drip when the boiler is at temperature. (approx. 160 deg.) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Doesn't sound like a major problem, but I believe that all leaks should be repaired asap.
    Locate the source of the leak.
    It could be a connector/adapter/coupling/crack went bad.
    Then repair or replace it.

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    The condition you describe sounds normal---the Weil-McLaine GV gas-fired boilers have a CONDENSATE DRAIN tube/system that will drain a small amount of water as it burns the fuel in the combustion chamber.

    Some of the combustion byproduct is converted to steam/water to save energy & drains out the condensate tube ("exhaust pipe").

    You can find an explanation of the condensate drain system in your WM owner's manual, or Google "Weil-McLain GV boilers" and click onto the pdf document downloads.
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