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    Default Stuck Storm Windows


    All of my storm windows are stuck and will not move. I have sprayed the edges of the windows with wd-40, but that did not work. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to how I can unstick them?


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    Default Re: Stuck Storm Windows

    Have you missed the slide bolt fasteners at the bottom?
    Some have a setscrew lock that has to be loosened.
    Some have no visible fastening at all but actually have spring=loaded jamb strips that hold the storms open by friction/pressure. I have been working in a house that has these and have not been opened in 35 years. Working them up & down with brute strength got them moving. The aluminum had corroded/fused together. A light well-placed blow to the spring-loaded jamb should free it right away. I only discovered the springiness once they were moving. It's also how you remove the panels on that style.
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