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    Question Walking the( squeaky ) plank?

    Half of my kitchen floor will have the 5" wide finished oak planks x 3/4" running parallel ( not perpendicular ) with the floor joists.
    There are two subfloors screwed and glued to floor joists. If I were to glue (construction adhesive ) and then nail planks directly to the floor would this be enough to ensure that there will be no curling up of these 5" wide edges or (heaven help me ) squeaks ?
    I guess that I will not be using building paper between planks and subfloor if this is the way to go.
    Any input would be appreciated. -thanks
    Subfloors are each 1/2" thick
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    Default Re: Walking the( squeaky ) plank?

    Howdy, you can mastic the wood to the subfloor and nail it both. Flooring stores have the mastic by the gallon and they will tell you wheich to use and how thick to apply it. Be sure to leave the wxpansion space around the rooms edges to avoid furute squeeks, warps ...

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    Default Re: Walking the( squeaky ) plank?

    If it were my floor, I'd nail and glue them down. It's too much work to fix the problems later.

    Good Luck.

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