I have had a thorough inspection by a well-qualified plumber who found no leaks in my water lines, nor any evidence of any drain leaks. However, according to him, my property experienced a water surge........the townhouse (no water problems with the neighbor) is built on a slab with the water main in the crawl space under the stairwell. His theory is that the PVC sleeve around the copper water main has failed somewhere between the house and the water main valve in the yard. When we experienced torrential rains, enough ground water pressure built up to cause a surge thru this sleeve and into the house. He said the "quick" fix is to seal the area around the copper pipe coming thru the slab with hydrostatic cement. If this fails, then the entire length of the water line would have to be dug up to find the problem.

In the meantime, there is considerable water trapped between the slab and the hardwood floors, and it is slowly rotting the wood and seeping thru the seams. If I get a high-power wet vac, do you think I can remove the majority of this water, or is tearing up the entire floor the only solution?