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    Default Re: how does water get into a fuse box?

    When the neighbor's tree limb "took out" my power a while back, the electric company "rerouted" the wire from power line to house. This now "steep-er" pitch from main line to house (main line is higher than the house) is one of the "places" the home inspector thought could be the culprit (he thought water could be running down the wire faster, and since the "loop" at end isn't slacked enough, the water is flowing up into the connection @ house (not sure what its called, but there's a lil'metal-like flap covering where wires run along the side of house to the top of the meter box).

    Just find it hard to believe that water is coming down from there, through meter, into service box (plus the service box is probably another 6-8' from the meter) and nothin' has shorted out?

    Realize water has a sneaky way of creeping into any "weak spot", but the logistics of this seem a lil'much. Hopefully electrician has some luck figuring this out. But still think I'll call electric company about rerouting that wire so there's more of slack in line. Just in case .... what's the worse they can say - "not our problem"?

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    Default Re: how does water get into a fuse box?

    The most likely culprit is at the top of the meterbase at the weatherproof connector. Although it is "weatherproof", ductseal or silicone should be applied around the cable at the top of the connector. Water sits in the recess of the connector on top, works its way into the meterbase, then travels down the neutral conductor to the neutral conductor of the cable entering your panel. The water actually travels inside the cable. Sorry so late with comment, just read this post.

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    Default Re: how does water get into a fuse box?

    If the drip loop is too short it needs to be addressed . This isn't a DIY project. Also Pack some duct seal in the weatherhead and in the seu where it leaves the meter pan. (IMO probably not a DIY issue either but that depends I suppose on your level of comfort)
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