I will be needing some sort of tool soon to remove the floor in my bathroom. I am changing out the floor and some of the floorboards continue on into the next room. I will need to be able to cut them flush with the wall so I can remove them. I looked into the Fein multimaster, but at almost $400 for the nice kit with carrying case and accessories, I'm hesitant to spend that much. I looked into the dremel version recently and while it had alot of good reviews, it had several that specifically referenced the plunge cutting blade and its cons. Since that particular blade is the sole purpose of considering a purchase, I paid close attention to them. The complaints were that every 2 minutes or so the nut holding the blade on would vibrate loose, the blade dulled pretty quickly, the unit gets pretty hot during use, and there was even one that said it burnt out after approximately 10 hours of use (not continuous use).

My question is are there any other tools out there that I can accomplish the same thing with as far as cutting straight down into my floorboards (up to the floor joists) in order to remove them?