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    Default In need of flooring advice

    Ok so we decided to install pergo laminate flooring in our basement. When we ripped up the carpet we found out the floor was unlevel. It has high and low points ranging from 1/8th to 3/16 difference throughout the floor which is concrete with vinyl composite tiles on top of it. We read that you can level with self leveling compound. We tried putting it in the low spots on the floor but the floor was still unlevel. Next we tried to fill in the low spots with tar paper since we had used this upstairs with success for our hardwood floors. Well we thought we had it level enough so we laid the laminate down. When the floor was in place we noticed that you could see the floor dipping when someone walked on it.Also if you would push down in some spots you could see the floor seperate and see the boards seperate. We were worried that the floor would break so we pulled the laminate up. Now we are back to square one. The only thing we can think to try is to seperate the floor into sections and fill it with mortar like you would do with concrete.Thinking this might work but worry that it be to much for us to handle. We could use suggestions as to what would be the best way to help make the floor more level.

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    using the self levelling concrete is a step in the right direction. using the tar paper no

    what i have done more recently on basement floors that were uneven and really unlevel is pour a brand new slab which is dead flat provided there is plenty of head room and go over the existing with 3" of new concrete. this is a much more expensive way of doing things as you need to have a truck deliver it and have a proffesional place and finish the floor it will turn out to be a far better job
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    Most DIYers have a bit of a challenge using the rapid setting self leveling compound or SLC. You will do much better with the slower setting SLC. Most big box stores only carry the rapid SLC.

    When mixing the SLC it should have the consistency of chocolate milk so that it spreads itself properly.

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