Hoping this is the best place to ask these questions. I'm asking for a friend of mine who still has dial-up and can't deal with how long things take to research with dial-up.

She'll be getting a new roof (compliments of hail and her insurance company) and wants to be able to ask the right questions of the roofing contractors and make the most of this opportunity.

So here goes:

1-Traditional shingles vs architectural shingles? She wants to know about the durability and the cost between the two.

2-Frost shield between house and 3-season porch, yes or no?

3-Ridge cap vs. wind turbines? Just pros and cons, I guess. She is getting different info from what I've researched for her and the roofing contractors she has talked to.

4-Is it easy for roofers to recycle old shingles all over the country? Do they recyle and if so, into what?

5-Solar panels in shingles? Is this the wave of the future and to be considered for a replacement now?

6-Price difference of a steel roof vs. shingle? Any down sides to steel replacement on a low pitched roof?

So, thanks in advance for what I know will be great advice and input, that I will pass on to her. I need a new roof too, but that ain't gonna happen until I get baseball-size hail, too!