Got my 14/3 ran from and existing wall switch, to a new box in the cieling (Yes, it's attached to the joist), whats the problem ???....the wall switch powers up one side of an outlet on a, when I look at the wall switch, I've got 2 black wires hooked up to the wall switch....2 whites wires tied together in the box.....and also a Red wire attatched to the wall switch.....I want to kill the switched outlet and have it powered....what has me confused, is the Red wire ??.....I'm thinking that one black and one white wire leads from the switch, to the I figure if I disconnect the leads from the swith to the outlet (Black & White).....and do the same on the outlet side, that would kill that wiring running in the wall (I'd still leave it in the box....just not used)....then replace the outlet, and it would be fully powered from the lead on the other side....then take the remaining Black & White wires, and wire my Cieling Fan to a new wall switch.....still wondering where this Red wire comes into play.....oh yes....neuteral wires are all tied together (Bare Wire = Neuteral ???). In case someone reading this hasn't read my other post....the Cieling Fan uses 2 wires to power up, and a remote to run fan and light seperately....I'm using 14/3 just in case the Wife changes her mind...then the wiring will be there.....WHEW...that was a lot