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    Default How to paint now? (House paint+repair history given)

    I'm hearing the same thing from my prospective painter that I've heard from everyone in person (verbally, non-forum):
    Always use oil primer and Latex exterior.
    So here's what's on the house now, from 14 years ago when house was built by a cruuuuuuuuumy contractor. The number on left is the years ago:

    • 14: pre-primed (cedar) clapboard (is that oil usually?) with rough side out.
    • 14: ...then 2 coats of Olympic latex (I think) slightly the wrong color yellow---their mistake
    • 14: ...then 1 coat of Benjamin Moore latex (correct yellow)
    • 10: Trim only painted 1 coat BM latex
    • 9: House body painted 1 coat BM latex
    • 1: House underwent massive siding + sheeting + some stud + some band joist + all new new-construction windows. 40% of house is now new pre-primed clapboard over Zip system sheeting. 25% of corner boards are replaced with Azek PVC. The windows are all vinyl with Azek casing.

    The contractor blamed the massive rot on a complete lack of caulking anywhere, not on how infrequently (understatement) we painted---however a good painter would have caulked everything....ours didn't. I don't know if the multiple layers of paint contributed to a dual vapor barrier locking in the moisture or not. Also there was a cricket missing on the roof causing an entire ground to be soaked routinely. Oye.

    OK. AT THIS POINT, do you suggest that I pay through the nose to have everything stripped to bare cedar and starting over?

    And with *what*? Acrylic primer and paint? Or Stain? of what? We love the yellow color of BM 318, if that matters.

    THANKS SO MUCH. This is *beyond* confusing for a layman.

    Here is the photobucket album of 3 pictures of house + garage.

    ***I have pictures, but I don't have the 10 posts required to TOH to allow them to show up here ***
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