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    My mother wants me to add crown to her living & dining rooms & the hallway. The question has to do with looks & funds (neither I nor she have excess cash & I will make my own molding. ( I have "trauma induced" arthritis & can no longer work construction) The least expensive way is to use painted crown, However the rest of the trim in the house is stained # 1 wood, including the doors. Is it appropriate to use painted crown with stained wood. I spent years in the field installing doors & windows & doing remodeling & do not recall seeing this. Thanks JHB

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    It's a matter of personal preference, really. You can paint or stain the crown to fit the needs of the room and decorative style. Because most of the woodwork is already stained, you may want to use painted crown to keep the room lighter (wood tends to give a "heavy" feeling ).
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