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    Default The "This Old House" header updates SLOWLY

    Firefox + IE
    Windows XP
    ISP: Comcast

    On both FF 4+ and IE, on every page the header doesn't seem to pull from a cache, but updates very slowly. The primary logo icon and each of the drop-down menu icons to the right:

    • Planning & Ideas
    • How to Repair
    • Products & Tools
    • Give & Get Advice

    ...draw one by one at a second+ each. As if each one is doing a fetch directly from your server every time. Not sure what's happening here. Since this for some reason must complete before the rest of the page is shown, it requires a 5+ second wait after every click.

    EDIT: UPDATE on my observation. For some reason it seems that the P&T and the G&GA icons and everything to the right appear all at once. (BUT the logo icon and first 2 icons are still one at a time). AND it's slower in IE. Huh.

    If needed I'll try to capture this as an AVI or something for you.
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