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    Default Advice on door shopping

    Hello you wonderful knowledgeable folks.

    I am looking at a new entry door. I am considering steel or fiberglass, like most people. I am leaning towards steel, since my entry door is all but completely protected from the elements, somewhat lessening the wear advantage of fiberglass over steel. Seems to make sense to go with the steel and get the added security. Make sense?

    Even with this said, I want to do my due diligence and look at fiberglass doors anyway. What I'm not sure about is if there are couple of simple parameters that can be used as a 'rule of thumb' to gauge the quality of the door.

    In comparison, steel is pretty simple - I've found that the gauge is a good initial indicator of the quality of door you are getting overall. In my head it goes something like 26 gauge = Yugo, 24 gauge = Chevy, 22 gauge = Cadillac, 20 gauge = Ferarri.

    Any advice?
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