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    Default Old House Quirks

    Just curious what strange quirks your old house has. Maybe between us all we can figure out "what were they thinking?"

    For example, modern electrical codes dictate that electrical panels cannot be placed in bathrooms. Yet many old houses have exactly that. What were they thinking?

    Well, in the old days every house had a back porch. It probably didn't have electricity OR indoor plumbing when it was built. Electricity came first, and the convenient place to put the electrical panel was the back porch. It was close to the power lines in the alley, and no housewife wanted an ugly fuse box hanging on the dining room wall. Then along comes indoor plumbing, and the easiest way to install bathroom is to wall in the back porch. You don't have to lose any floor space in the house. Besides, who wants to have the stinky room next to their bedroom?

    So now you've got an electrical panel in the bathroom.
    The "Senior Member" designation under my name doesn't mean I know a lot, it just means I talk a lot.I've been a DIYer since I was 12 (thanks, Dad!). I have read several books on various home improvement topics. I do not have any current code books I can refer to. I was an apprentice plumber for two years.

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    Default Re: Old House Quirks

    That's why building codes evolved to what they are now. When left to their own devices, people tend to do what is easiest, not nessesarily what is safest or best.
    Then there is always the cost issue and the easiest way to do something is usually the cheapest.

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