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    Default looking for Harris-Tarkett USA 5025 Red Oak Natural

    Am looking to "complete" a hardwood flooring job started by someone else many years ago. She completed two bedrooms, but now I'd like to put the same flooring throughout the 1st floor (since the undone areas are now "uneven" with bedroom flooring).

    The label on the few leftover pieces, read;

    Harris-Tarkett Hardwood Flooring
    USA 5025
    Longstrip - Wintage Red Oak Natural

    Internet search isn't providing a place in which to purchase - so wonder what might be a possible substitute?

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    Default Re: looking for Harris-Tarkett USA 5025 Red Oak Natural

    Hardwood designs, and colors change with the wind. What was available when that floor was first laid and what's available today are two different things - literally. The T&G that is milled into the pieces has evolved over time, thicknesses have changed, materials have changed, etc.

    Your best bet will be to take what you've got around to a few different shops and see what you can find that is close. A simple trick to blend the old and new together would be to use a different color in the hallway, or at least a border strip, then and match the original floor color as close as possible in the other rooms, this will separate the old and new colors which will be off enough to be seen.
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    Default Re: looking for Harris-Tarkett USA 5025 Red Oak Natural

    A very good answer from Spruce.
    You can get T border strips/reducers, for where the new floor meets the existing floor. Even if there is a difference in height between them, this border will make it almost invisible.

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    Default Re: looking for Harris-Tarkett USA 5025 Red Oak Natural

    To Crylakel,
    Did you ever locate any more of the Harris-Tarkett USA 5025 flooring?
    I'm also in the same situation where I need about 1 box (29 sq ft) to finish my project.
    Would you be willing to sell what you have?
    Buddy G.

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