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    Default we need a national PR Campaign for Skilled Labor

    I wasnt sure where to post this thread but thought it was important enough that all need to read it.

    It's sad but true.

    Chairman Rockefeller, Ranking Member Hutchison and members of this committee, my name is Mike Rowe, and I want to thank you all very much for the opportunity to testify before you today.

    I'm here today because of my grandfather.

    His name was Carl Knobel, and he made his living in Baltimore as a master electrician. He was also a plumber, a mechanic, a mason, and a carpenter. Everyone knew him as a jack-of-all-trades. I knew him as a magician.

    For most of his life, my grandfather woke up clean and came home dirty. In between, he accomplished things that were nothing short of miraculous. Some days he might re-shingle a roof. Or rebuild a motor. Or maybe run electricity out to our barn. He helped build the church I went to as a kid, and the farmhouse my brothers and I grew up in. He could fix or build anything, but to my knowledge he never once read the directions. He just knew how stuff worked.

    I remember one Saturday morning when I was 12. I flushed the toilet in the same way I always had. The toilet however, responded in a way that was completely out of character. There was a rumbling sound, followed by a distant gurgle. Then, everything that had gone down reappeared in a rather violent and spectacular fashion.

    continued in the thread below.


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    Default Re: we need a national PR Campaign for Skilled Labor

    Giz, thanks for passing that on.Very insightful testimony.

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    Default Re: we need a national PR Campaign for Skilled Labor

    saw this last night another board, that much more respect for mike rowe, two thumbs up

    there was a campaign such as this here in nova scotia 5 years ago with mike holmes fronting it. he shot a bunch of tv and print adds which i was lucky enough to be apart of
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    Default Re: we need a national PR Campaign for Skilled Labor

    It's funny how all the different trade organizations in this country vie for your membership dollar, but don't give a c-rap about recruiting the young to be trained properly, nor advertising to the public what their organization is about (beyond scavenging money from it's membership ). All you end up seeing is a contractor with a series of hieroglyphs following his name, it means nothing to potential clients.
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    Default Re: we need a national PR Campaign for Skilled Labor

    - If the young generation doesn't want to be in the trade industry - someone else will be (young people in other countries).
    - If the young generation doesn't want to be in manufacturing - someone else will be.
    - If the young generation doesn't want to be in agriculture - someone else will be.
    - If the young generation wants to cheat in school - someone else will do the studies.

    And so on...

    The young only wants to be in "easy money" industries. Like Wall Street. Or pyramids. Or other choice industries that I don't have to mention. Or just collect welfare, unemployment and insurance fraudulentely.

    We will sleep in the bed we prepare for ourselves.
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    Default Re: we need a national PR Campaign for Skilled Labor

    I make a very nice living working with my hands, more than many white collar professionals, probably not as much as a plumber though

    The perception is that working with your hands immediately makes you less educated, less valuable to society. Until that perception is changed we will get no where.

    I am particularly astonished by the delusion of most young kids "I deserve the best of everything" (whether I can afford it or not)Just listen to recent song lyrics. Until that changes, we will get no where.

    The paucity of talented, honest, stable, reliable and dedicated craftsman has lead to higher incomes for the few remaining talented, honest, stable, reliable and dedicated craftsmen. Personally I am taking advantage of that widening gap and plan on a decent retirement.

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