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    Default Buying New HVAC, Cost?

    Got a quote today for the purchase and installation of a air conditioning unit and furnace. $7,000 total. That includes an American Standard 15 seer, 2.5 ton AC and an 80% efficiency gas furnace with variable speed blower. It also includes coils, pipes, etc., whatever else is needed besides the duct work that is already there.

    My house is a tad over 1,000 SF. We live in Texas so heating efficiency is not as big a deal as the cooling.

    This is a local company that has been around since the 60's and was referred to me by a friend that does some business with them. The warranty their installation for 1 year.

    Does that price sound about right?

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    Default Re: Buying New HVAC, Cost?

    It may be a little high, get a couple more quotes, it never hurts and is in your best interest.

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    Default Re: Buying New HVAC, Cost?

    In my area an a/c like the one you described goes for less. I think that you need to get more bids too, and compare apples to apples. And working with a local contractor is always a better idea.

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    Default Re: Buying New HVAC, Cost?

    Why do you think it needs a 2.5 ton unit? That seems pretty big for 1000 sqft. You might only need a 1.5 or 2 ton at most. THe smaller unit ususally have higher matched efficiency ratings, cost a little less, and you'll be more comfortable.

    In most parts of Texas, on a 100F day, the unit should be running continuously in the afternoon. IF it's not, it's too big.

    WHy is that imrpotant? Because when it's only 85F outside, a properly sized unit will still only run 50% of the time. A oversized unit would run 30% of the time. Shorter run times use hte same amount of electricity, but remove less humidity, so it feels hotter inside.

    Get a couple more quote s and ask them to do load calculations.

    I read once that it was estimated that something like 70% of heating and cooling systems in the US are oversized and/or installed incorrectly.

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