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Thread: Gable Fan Vent

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    Hello All,

    My attic has a gable vent with a fan (which is noisy). I most recently added ridge vent to my roof. It has vented soffit as well. My question is: can I turn off the noisy fan now that I have installed ridge vent ? All help is greatly appreciated !

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    Yes, shut down that fan.
    That fan ( besides being noisey ) running is actually upsetting the airflow intended with the soffit /ridge venting.
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    You should remove the fan and block the hole so your ridge venting works properly. By having that huge gaping hole you have uneven air flow creating hot spots where dead air sets. The ridge vent, when properly combined with eave / soffit venting keeps the air flow in the attic space as even as possible.

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    Relatedly, my mother had her roof replaced last year. A ridge vent was added. Before the roof was replaced I had installed a motorized attic fan/vent in the roof (there was no ridge vent). This was removed. She does have two gable vents without fans. I was going to place vent fans in these. I'm gathering from what you guys are suggesting that I should cover these vents and leave well enough alone with the ridge vent only? Thanks. Also, in my sister's house (yes...I'm the caretaker of several properties for my family), I replaced the motor in her attic fan (roof installed). She doesn't have a ridge vent. She does have a couple of gable vents. Should I seal these up also? When I got the attic fan working properly, I did feel "cooler" air being sucked in through the gable vents. I realize that if I sealed these, more "cooler" air may be sucked up through the soffit vents. Thanks alot for any advice.

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