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    Default Whole House Power Surge Protector

    We are finishing up repairs to our home from Hurricane Ike. We were hit very hard, but not total destruction. Our insurance did not cover the cost of replacing some appliances due to power surges/spikes. We want to know if there is some kind of protective device we can install on our home to prevent this. We are currently facing electrical repairs/replacemnts totaling $10,000 (not covered by insurance)! Suggestions, PLEASE!

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    Default Re: Whole House Power Surge Protector

    Providing your electrical panel is not obsolete, you should be able to purchase a surge arrestor that fits in the electrical panel in the place of a circuit breaker.

    You can also purchase external surge arrestors that are hard-wired into the electrical panel.

    Contact your electrical utility. They may provide a surge arrestor that connects to the electrical meter.
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    Wink Re: Whole House Power Surge Protector

    Specifically, Google "whole house surge protector". Square D has a nice one for a reasonable price.

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    Arrow Re: Whole House Power Surge Protector

    This is most helpful, as the area I live in constantly goes through power outages and we can have some violent electrical storms.

    I will look into this same thing for our home.

    NOVA Pros

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