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    Sounds like there is air getting in the lines overnight, when the system has time to set a spell. Cap off the heads in each zone and turn the system on to figure out where the broken pipe is. The new check valve may have done the trick, unless its in the wrong spot.

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    i don't know what kind of pump you have or how it is set up but whar i used to work grounds at an apartment complex we used ponds water with a pumps to feed 12-16 zone clocks. when we had a problem with weak pressure and the system seemed to be good but it had to be flushed and reprimed to run it was usualy due to a flapper valve (it's a plastic/rubber gasket that has a flap like a doggie door in it that works like a one way check valve). it's was found in the goose neck part/coupler of the pump (the 90 deg or "S" shaped metal part that connects the pvc pipe to the pump). this flapper valves keeps the water in the pump from flowing back into the pond and keeping the pump primed. i hope this helps.

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