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    Default Exterior Paint Chipping and Peeling

    We bought our house 23 years ago. It was dark brown and had an oily stain that rubbed off on our young children's clothes. So we hired painters to use a solid gray stain over it. We have done this 4 or 5 times and we still have cracking and peeling chunks of gray stain falling off, especially after a severe New England winter.
    We are ready to call the painter again to patch it up, but are wondering if anyone out there would have any idea how to stop this once and for all. New siding is not an option. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Exterior Paint Chipping and Peeling


    You posted this question under "Decks". I posted a reply there.

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    Default Re: Exterior Paint Chipping and Peeling

    what could help is to have somebody that knows how to powerwash your house they need to use a rotating blasting tip to remove any loose paint that is failing under the surface DON'T use just a pinpoint tip or you will have a mess after you have done this then you are ready to paint i alway use the best paint i can buy a waterborne paint is the best don't let the cost scare you

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