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    Default Brick on extended outside kitchen walls

    I am extending my kitchen walls by 2 feet to get addl inside kitchen space. We are using cantilever to extend the kitchen floor and foundation is not moving. There is currently brick on the outside walls of the kitchen. One of contractor whom
    I spoke with has mentioned, we have remove the brick and put siding on the extended walls (back and side). I would like to know is it possible to put brick at least on the side where
    garage wall is extended. And can we use brick veneer on the back?


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    Default Re: Brick on extended outside kitchen walls

    I am out of my area of expertice here, but I think your contractor is concerned with the weight of a full course of brick supported by cantilevered joists. I would think that it could be done if the joists were sufficiently strengthened, but I would get the advice of a structural engineer, or at least a competent framing carpenter.

    I suspect JKirk will give his opinion. He is quite knowledgeable on such topics.

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    Default Re: Brick on extended outside kitchen walls

    Why not use what is know as cut Brick.
    It's make up is Metal lath scratch coat stucco, brown coat stucco color to match brick joint colorone day later skim coat with same color stucco mix than apply a color coat of stucco say about 3/8 inch float to match brick texture than when it is firm to touch cut joints to match existing.Weight should nmot exceed a max of 12 # Sq/Ft.

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