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    Look for some help on the best way to landscape around my house. Right now I have rocks and clear plastic 3 feet out on 3 sides of the house and from what I have read this is a no no. I am looking at taking all the rock and plastic out and making the bed 5 feet wide and then remove 3 feet of the top soil and put a 16" base of packed clay with a 1/4" to a 1/2" sloped away from the house and then put back the top soil with landscape fabric and rock on top of that. Does this sound like it would work or is there something else I should do? Any tips would be great.

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    There's no need to excavate and put back clay or any other material, grading the surface with the slope will be sufficient. You do want to extend your downspouts at least 3' away from the structure or install drainage to handle roof runoff.
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