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    Default In- Floor Radiant Heat

    When I decided I wanted to install radiant heat in my studio/workshop there wasn't much material out there for the do-it-yourselfer. I found that some plumbers really didn't like to do the installation. Forced to get this job done I did the installation myself with minimal instructions or advice. As I installed the various materials and systems I took pictures and made schematics and drawings.

    After the job was finished I wrote a how-to manual for the next guy just like me that wanted to have a nice warm workshop. Unfortunately because I only have one post on this magazine the program will not alow me to post the link to the ****************** I sell the Guide on ebay and through my website **************.

    I am a structural engineer and experienced builder.
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    Default Re: In- Floor Radiant Heat

    Are you saying that contractors don't like making money by installing radiant heat???

    BTW, there are plenty of DIY books on how to install radiant heat.
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