I live in the North East and my home sits on the center of a one acre lot that is at the bottem of a 3 level hill. The lowest part of the land is my back yard which never seems to dry out completely(even in summer)All winter and spring it is wet, muddy and gooey. We have a septic system. During the summer most of it dries with the exception of about 1/3 in the far back corner. I don't know if there are issues with the leech field, water run off from upper levels or combinations of both. My septic company tells me that i should " try aeration into the leech field" and this "may" help. I am not sure where to start since i don't know what exactly is causing the problem and I don't have tons of money to "try" solutions. Where would it be wisest to invest money for a solution? Is there some type of spe******t that I could call in to analyze the whole situation from all aspects(drain, septic etc)