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    Default Exterior Stain cracking and peeling


    When we first bought our home 22 years ago it was stained brown. Our sons were young and everytime they went outside to play the brown stain always rubbed off on their clothes. We decided the only solution was to have it redone. So over the past 22 years, we have had the house stained a lighter gray color at least 4 or 5 times. Every winter or every two years, the lighter gray solid stain, cracks and peels and that brown re-appears. SOmetimes you can even see pockets of water bulging inside the stained wood. We cannot afford to reside or make any changes to the actual wood, does anyone know why the solid stain continues to crack and peel?

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    Default Re: Exterior Stain cracking and peeling

    Big Bad John,

    Have you been using a solid hide OIL stain? You state that the color is rubbing off on your kids. This is not uncommon with oil stains. It is also not uncommon that they fade and look somewhat blotchy with age. A solid hide Acrylic decking and siding stain ( not just a lower cost latex siding stain) should cure those problems. Acrylics also form a more flexible film than does oil stain. Oil is more brittle and less able to give with the movement of the siding. Oil also is more restrictive of vapor transfer - it does not breathe as well as acrylic.

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