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Hard to say why the landscaper would recommend this. Unless you need to amend the soil or raise it's level, there isn't any reason to add anything. My guess is that you've got poor quality soil and the amendments are to give your sod/seed something to grow in.
The comapany is not a landscaper but a paving company that I'm using to redo the driveway. I just used them to completely remove everything from the backyard including an old metal shed. So they upturned nmost of the grass and graded the whole thing. The lawn had many depressions. Looking back I probably should have gottena landscaper to do it. In any event I can't just lay sod over it because of all the roots, small and large that are either sticking out or just under the top. Plus it needs to be smoother than what they did. I tested my soil and it is only slightly acidic at around 6.5.