I am a first time home owner who moved in to a very sound house, but very out-dated. I am getting ready to paint my very dark kitchen cabinets and was advised to scrub the cabinets so they are free of grease/dirt, sand the surface, prime, then paint.

I have a few questions before i get started, becuase i am a huge perfectionist.
1. is there a special primer that i need to use?
2. do i sand again after i prime?
3. Someone at the home improvment store suggested i use exterior paint on the cabinets beause it is more durable. I am a bit skeptical about this, but i'm not sure why my insticts are telling me know.
4. i was going to go with a high gloss Kitchen/bath enamel paint. Is this the best choice?
5. Do i sand in between coats of paint?
6. Do i really need to put poly on after the last coat of paint?

ANY advice will be much appreciated.