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    Default Re: leading the downspout into the ground

    houston....I don't know where elso to leave the opening if not at ground level. If I have to bury it I will have to dig real deep to get a slope on the pipe. The exit is the problem. I was going to get one of those endings that have a 90 degree elbow and then a cap with a flow top on it that will open when water pushes on it. Do you think this will work?

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    Default Re: leading the downspout into the ground

    I am not a huge fan of those outlets that are 90 followed by some sort of cap. The reason; by default some water and thus debris, will get caught in the pipe. If you need to, can you raise the level of the dirt where the pipe will exit?

    Ideally you want the end of the pipe where the water will exit to have the least obstruction possible

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