I have a new house we just moved into this year. The neighbors are all asking why we are pumping water into the ditch. Their sump pumps are runnign (as normal for spring) but nothing like mine. Mine just started running a week ago (never ran for 6 months before that) and has not stopped. i live on a natural bedrock, so I am wondering if I am on a fissure. The neighbors who are lower than me have little or no operation of their sump pumps, so it isn't becessarily groundwater, in my opinion. It is basically like I am sitting on a gusher because of the ledge rock. I can have 3 sump pumps going, but there has to be another cure. Curtain drains? A huge french drain? The water coming out of the sump is as cold as well water. This isn't a drainage issue. If someone else has had this problem, I'd like to hear from you. Please , please nobody post that I should worry about the downspouts, because that clearly is not the issue. The water table is the issue, not runoff.