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    Default New look for concrete steps

    I have an ugly set of concrete steps leading up to my front entry door. I'm replacing the entry door with a new one, which will give the front of the house a better look from the curb. However, the concrete steps are an eyesore. In good shape, but I'm trying to see what the options are - reface them with some stone? Cover with pressure treated lumber and paint? Need some suggestions on how to tackle this project.

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    Default Re: New look for concrete steps

    If the cement is in good shape, a lot of times just washing it with a pressure washer will really perk the surface up.

    You could stain or paint the steps, stain would be the better of the two. You may even consider hiring a company to custom stain it, which will give you even better results and more decorative options than slopping a can of stain on yourself.

    You can overlay with brick or stone, but definitely leave this to a pro who knows what they're doing.

    The last thing I'd consider would be to try and cover it with wood. The results won't be good and even if it does, it won't stay that way long out in the elements.
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