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    Default Advice on low-level unattached deck

    I recently purchased my first home and am looking to build a deck in our backyard. The backdoor opens onto a 8'x12' covered concrete patio which I'd like to extend 8' out and 12' over with a wooden deck, without removing the current concrete patio - so 1/4 of the deck would be that concrete portion. The patio and backdoor of the house are approximately 5-6 inches off the ground and the ground is fairly level. I've decided not to attach the deck since it's so low to the ground and I don't want to risk water damage by drilling into the concrete foundation. We live in San Antonio, Texas, so frost isn't a real problem. My original plan when designing the deck was to place 4x4 posts with concrete footings, attach 2x4 boards to serve as joists, and then attach the planks to that. I was planning on placing posts every 2.5-3 feet since the deck would be supported by just the 2x4 joists and the posts. Is this a viable option? Everything I've been reading on-line talks about using beams attached to the posts which then attach to joists which then attach to the planks, but with only 5-6 inches of height to work with that just doesn't seem feasible. Any suggestions? Thank you!
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