Hi Everyone,

Hoping to hear from someone with some old house experience (pre 1870, i.e.- before portland cement).

Here's the deal..160+ year old house... lower 2 feet of the foundation is stone, upper 3 feet is brick. It all needs a little love at the moment.. I've learned from reading up on it that I need to mix my own lime mortar for a house that old, rather than using anything with portland cement in it because the newer portland cement is too hard and damages the old bricks. I plan on doing that to repoint the mortar on all the walls (inside). However, the some of the bricks are starting to crumble a bit from time. What is the best way to prevent further deterioration of the brick? I don't want to use poly or a sealer that will prevent moisture from passing, because I'm not going to dig up outside to seal out there - so the moisture's going to get in, it just won't be able to get out if I seal inside and that will be worse for the bricks. I know these very old bricks were made to be porous and breath as was the lime-sand mortar. Would plastering a layer of the lime mortar over the top of it all be a good idea?